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Published by Tiffany Stewart Affiliate Publisher Entrepreneur

I am 45 years old.I am a Female, authentic with the words I say, with actions congruent to the message that I convey...I AM WHO I AM...Far from perfect but we all possess our flaws, and I am a Women of many. However, I strive to the balance, by continuously striving for excellence. I am very trustworthy, dependable, reliable, confident, loving, energetic, spontaneous, educated, independent, and articulate. I also am very ambitious. I love to smile, and most times, I'm all too humorous. I love to make people laugh, it makes our atmosphere positive and vibrant, yet heartfelt. I am on this site for friendship only, and I wouldn't mind finessing a friendship, and having someone to navigate, and embrace the same things. I try to display the qualities of expression, and dedication towards attractions... A faithful and loyal friend, a good listener, who has a compassion for others. Straight Solid female, and I love doing me. I keep it a 100, and my SWAG IS AT 100%

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